Assignment 1

  1. Read about Citing Personal Information on the Flat Classroom Projects Help Wiki
  2. Go to the FCP Ning and join the ning, making sure no last names are on your account.
    1. Make your display name: first name and your last initial- MSHS for example Nigel D MSHS.
    2. Make sure you fill out all fields, including the "About Me' paragraph about yourself.
    3. Make your page your own. Decorate.
    4. Join the MSHS 11-1 Group.
  3. Use the Discussion Tab on this page to answer these two discussions only.
    1. What is a Ning?
    2. Why use Tagging? Review the Tagging conventions

Assignment 2

  1. Finish Assignment 1 above.
  2. Pick Topics for Flat Classroom Project.
  3. Create a School or Individual Handshake to post on the FCP Ning.

Assignment 3

  1. Go to the wiki for 11-1 and join the wiki using your First Name, middle initial, last initial and mshs. For example, juliejsmshs
  2. What is Diigo? Find resources to explain. Search for information. Check out the Diigo Help page. (link info when needed)
  3. What is a Wiki?

Assignment 4

  1. Go to Diigo and join using your FirstName,LastInitial_MSHS. For example For example, julies_mshs. This should be the same way you signed in for the Wiki and Ning.
  2. Go to your and read the email to add your information on the spreadsheet.

Assignment 5

  1. Go to Diigo and download the toolbar.
  2. Go to the FCP Ning and post what group you are in and who are your team mates. Try to search for your teammates on the Ning and friend them.