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Course Description: As an introduction to technology, the course will provide students with fundamental concepts about office productivity, Internet, 3D drawing and animation, Web2.0 tools and other tools.
Academic Integrity: All work must be the original product of the student, and all information gathered from other sources must be properly cited. Any violation will be considered cheating or plagiarism. Plagiarism or cheating will result in failure of the assignment and a mandatory conference with the teacher.
• You will have one day plus the number of days you were absent to make up any work you missed. It is your responsibility to find out what you missed.
• Late assignments will receive a 10% reduction for each day late.
• You are responsible for asking for an extension is needed.
• If you are not in the classroom when the bell rings, go to the office for a Tardy.
Student Conduct: The classroom must be a safe and positive learning environment for all students and the teacher at all times. Derogatory or disrespectful words will not be tolerated.
• Mutual respect and cooperation is expected. Students are encouraged to make a positive investment in the class and to their own learning experience. Personal responsibility is strongly emphasized.
• All school rules and district policies apply.
Safety Conduct:
• Lockdown – Student outside the building should go to safety away from the emergency. Students outside the classroom should go to a classroom. Be quiet and do not use your cell phone at all. Doors will be locked.
• Fire Evacuation – Exit map is posted. Doors should be closed but not locked.
• Any emergency: Windows closed. Lights off.
Essential Learnings:
• Students will demonstrate a sound understanding of basic operations and concepts of technology systems.
• Students will utilize digital technology in a safe and ethical manner.
• Students will utilize digital applications to enhance learning, increase productivity, and promote creativity.
• Students will demonstrate competence in the use of technology communications tools.
• Demonstrate competence in the use of technology research tools.
• Demonstrate competence in the use of technology in problem-solving and decision-making.

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