Instead of doing a slide show with PowerPoint, use Animoto.

  1. First take a look at the the samples

  2. Next go to Animoto . "Sign Up" You will only be able to make 30 second videos with the free account.

  3. Then begin to make your video with only 10 photos of what you want for Christmas.

  4. There are 3 steps: Images, Music, and Finalize. When you are finished, the rendering takes a while. Name the Title "Presents". The last slide should be a text slide and list where you find the images. DO NOT SAY GOOGLE IMAGES.

  5. Use Critical Thinking to figure out how to use this site. Ask each other for help. Have fun!!

  6. Under the Share feature when you are done, email your finished project. Doing the above steps are worth 8 points and I will use the 12 point rubric below.