Xtranormal is a way to easily create cartoon animations and easily share them with others.

Make a Xtranormal cartoon on Being Thankful. (28 pts)

  1. Watch examples of cartoon animation some of these are using Slate, we are only using the online version
  2. Find the Make Movies page (You can connect via Facebook if you have a Facebook account or create a new account.)
  3. Create an animation related to your topic.
  4. Have fun and click on the Preview button when you are ready to preview
  5. Click the Publish button to make your animation as a public page with the tag MSHS so others can find yours.
  6. From this page retrieve the HTML embed code.
  7. Copy the code and paste it into a new blog post. Remember to use the Edit HTML tab.
  8. Write a blog post about your animation and the website Xtranormal. (4 pts)
  9. Copy the URL for Xtranormal into the link field of your post. (4 pts)

Include in your animation :
  • Two characters (4 pts)
  • Expressions (4 pts)
  • Animation (4 pts)
  • Text is at least 6 different text boxes, back and forth between the two characters (40 seconds long) (4 pts)
  • Text is appropriate, detailed and interesting. (4 pts)