Alice is a application on your computer. It is a free download from This program is a 3d Animation program that teaches high school students how to program. You are not a nerd for programming. This is more like learning a new way to think.

Assignment One:
  1. To find Alice, click on the Finder in the top right hand of your computer screen and type in Alice.
  2. Once it is started, right click on the icon in your dock and choose "Keep In Dock".
  3. Finish all four Tutorials if you have not already done so. Go to "File", "New World", and click on "Tutorials"
  4. Create a new world that shows one of the four seasons. Show me an activity you could do in that season.
    • Be Creative.
    • Add at least 4 objects
    • Make 2 of the objects move
    • Make sure you save it to the Tech Folder on your desktop.