Acceptable Social Networking?


Step 1: Create a Google Doc called "Acceptable Social Networking" and share with and the rest of your group. Everyone needs to open the file and type their own name in the document. (2pts)

Step 2: What's the Problem?

  • Ian made a plan to get back at Mike for telling some personal secrets about him. He created a fictional profile on a social networking site so he could carry on a fake online romance with Mike. The cyber romance went on for weeks. Mike was hooked by a person he thought was a student at a neighboring high school, a friend of his friends. At that point, Ian told all their friends about his trick on Mike. When asked why he did it, Ian said, “To teach him a lesson.”
  • In your groups discuss these questions and answer on the "Acceptable Social Networking" Google Doc:
    • Q1 - Was Ian justified in teaching Mike a lesson? (3pts)
    • Q2 - How do you think Mike felt when he found out his “relationship” was only a cruel trick? (3pts)
    • Q3 - What problems might result due to Ian’s actions? (3pts)
  • This is a true story, although the names were changed. Discuss and record in your group:
    • Q4 Have you ever witnessed someone pretending to be what they are not online in order to harass or embarrass someone? What do you think is the problem with doing this? (3pts)

Step 3: Think About It

  • Q5 - It’s easy to try out new identities online, and many teens do it. Being online is all about expressing oneself with social networks, blogs, chat, messaging, and videos. But when self-expression is at the expense of another person, it’s wrong. When does it cross the line from “just kidding” into cyberbullying? (3pts)
  • Q6 - Discuss and record how online harassment may affect the learning environment of a school and is, therefore, a concern of the school. If it is taking place on school grounds, what should the school do? (3pts)

Step 4: Find Solutions

  • As a group answer these questions in your google document:
    • Q7- What advice could you give Ian about self-control and respect? (3pts)
    • Q8 - What advice could you give Mike? (3pts)
    • Q9 - Consider if Ian had told some other friends what he was doing. What could these bystanders have done? (3pts)

Step 5: Take Action

  • Q10 - Create a Tips List Create Security Tips for Middle School-ers who want to get on Social Networking Sites. (3pts)

Besides the point system above, you will be graded on a Writing Rubric