Step 1: Login in to Email

  • Go to
  • Login with your school username and school password.
  • Send a message to
  • Type in a paragraph with a summary of your three favorite technology things to do.

Step 2: Join the Wiki

  • Please click on the Join link at the top right hand corner to join our class wikispace(10pts)
    • Use your username that you use for our school network "first initial, middle initial, last name," ie. jpsmith.
    • Use your password for school.
    • Make sure you put in your correct e-mail
    • After you have joined, type in our wiki name again at
    • Find the link at the top right that says "Join This Wiki" and click "Request Membership" Button.
  • Review our wiki so that you know your way around it.

Step 3: Typing Pal